Basic framework of alarm clock light shooting script

Scene one

Shooting types available:
1. Live broadcast explanation
2. Faceless broadcast explanation
Shooting application scenes (bedroom, living room, desk, bedside table, etc...)
Reference content for explanation:
Describe the appearance design of the product, including shell material, size,
shape design, etc.
Emphasize the aesthetics and modernity of the product, as well as the variety
and appeal of lighting effects.
Screen reference:

Scene two

Functional features introduction:
Introduce the basic functions of the product,
1. Bluetooth connection
2. Dual alarm clock settings
3. LED colorful lights, etc.
Focus on highlighting the multi-functionality of the product, such as it can be
used as an alarm clock or as an ambient light to add to the atmosphere of
the room (can be displayed in different lighting directions).
Screen reference:

Scene three

Lighting effect introduction:
Display the lighting effects of the product, such as supporting multiple
colors, gradient mode, flashing mode, etc.
Emphasize that the lighting effects of the product can create different
atmospheres and are suitable for various scenes and moods.
Screen reference:

Scene four

User experience and applicable scenarios:
Shooting content reference
Experts can emphasize the user experience of the product, such as easy
operation, rich functions, excellent lighting effects, etc.
Describe the scenarios where the product is applicable, such as bedrooms,
living rooms, parties, etc., and the applicable user groups, such as children,
students,office workers, housewives, etc.