Dual-purpose handle + scale pineapple corer with splitter (black)

Scene One:
Opening: Character Introduction
Shot: Application Scene (kitchen, tabletop, etc.). It's best for the expert to appear first to demonstrate and explain
Reference Scene:
Introduction Dialogue:
A: Wow! Look what just arrived – a new pineapple corer! Today, we're making some fresh pineapple juice. Let's see how this works!
B: Are you still struggling with coring pineapples? Today, I'm introducing a fantastic pineapple corer that will make your life easier.
C: Ladies, our new pineapple corer has arrived! Let's see how well it works.
D: A friend recommended this amazing pineapple corer, and today, we're juicing a pineapple to see how it performs. Come and give it a try!
(Scene One focuses on expressing surprise and excitement about the product's capabilities.)
Scene Two:
Product Exterior Display
Close-up shots, multiple angles showcasing the product: size, appearance, components, materials, features, functions
Reference Scene:
Scene Three:
Product Demonstration, demonstrating how to use the pineapple corer
1、Place the pineapple on the countertop and cut off the pineapple's top.
2、Align the blades of the pineapple corer at the center of the pineapple's top. Rotate the corer forcefully until the blades penetrate the pineapple's bottom completely.
3、Optionally demonstrate using a power drill for extraction. Reference Scene:
Scene Four:
Showcasing results, removing the corer from the pineapple to reveal the cored pineapple.
1、Pull out the cored pineapple flesh to showcase the result.
2、Demonstrate the pineapple slicer, evenly cutting the cored pineapple flesh from top to bottom.
Reference Scene:
Scene Five:
Food Presentation
showcasing the culinary creation made with the cored pineapple.
Reference Scene:
Scene Six:
Cleaning Method + Summary of Use
1、Demonstrate the product's cleaning method.
2、Summarize the usage, prompting purchase with dialogue like: "Overall, the pineapple corer has not only made my kitchen tasks more efficient but also added to my joy in cooking. If you're looking to enhance your kitchen experience, consider this handy tool.
3、Include an ending shot.