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Hot Sale Video Example for you:

Title: Freshness Sealed, Joy Shared! Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer: A Must-have for Food Enthusiasts!
Shot One:
1. Preparation and Opening: Place the phone on the countertop, the lens facing the creator, in the kitchen or living room at home (with a slightly dim background). Soft lighting illuminates the scene. The creator, wearing a stylish apron or t-shirt, slowly moves a delivery package into the frame.
2. Creator: I've been waiting for this moment! 
Action: While speaking, the creator opens the package, takes out the product, casually tosses the box behind, and displays the front packaging of the product towards the camera.
3. Creator: This is a must-have for food enthusiasts - the Mason Jar sealer.
    Product showcase: Unpack the box, gradually take out the contents onto the countertop, and finally, retrieve the sealing machine, briefly showcasing it, then setting the box aside.
    Shot Two:
    1. Preparation and Opening: Prepare favorite foods (chips, marshmallows, nuts, flour, etc.), place them in wide-mouth Mason jars on the countertop. Place the bottle opener in a white box, partially open the box, and place it on the countertop. Set up the phone on the countertop.
    2. Creator: I use wide-mouth Mason jars to store my favorite snacks. They provide both wide and small mouth lids, come with a charging cable, and include a bottle opener. 
    Action: Show two sizes of lids, the charging cable, and the bottle opener.
    3. Creator: Twist off the small mouth lid, switch to the wide mouth, and tightly seal it on. Just one press!
      Function showcase: Take out the sealer, twist the buttons to disassemble the machine, and showcase both the wide and small mouth options. Place the large lid on the Mason jar, press the machine onto the jar, rotate the bottle once, press the button, and start the machine.
      Shot Three:
      Opening: Hold the phone to record, showing the seconds displayed on the screen during the sealing process. If necessary, fast forward. Occasionally, lower the camera to capture the bottle. Stop around 35 seconds and explain the number displayed after the machine stops is the remaining battery level.
      Shot Four:
      Retrieve the sealer.
      Opening: Press the lid with fingers and lift the bottle to vigorously shake it (to prove its strong seal).
      Shot Five:
      1.Preparation and Opening: Place the phone on the countertop, the lens facing the creator. The creator picks up the bottle and vigorously shakes it, expressing immense joy, occasionally cheering and celebrating.
      Creator: Go buy yours now! The store is currently running a promotion, and many people are rushing to grab theirs. Stock may run out at any time. Act fast!