The basic framework of the apple slicer shooting script

Scene One
Opening: Character introduction
Shooting Scene:
Application Scene (can choose kitchen, tabletop, etc.): The expert demonstrates and explains the drawbacks of traditional manual apple cutting.
Scene Reference:
Introduction Dialogue:
"We've always sliced apples like this, but we've never considered there could be a simpler way. Most of the time, we need thinner slices, but cutting them manually is too cumbersome and time-consuming. That's why we need an apple slicer."


Scene Two
Demonstration of Using the Apple Slicing Machine
Shooting Scene: Presenting the slicer, showcasing its appearance, demonstrating its usage method, and displaying the finished product.
1、Product Display (showing from various angles) 2、Front Demonstration
3、Side Demonstration
4、Display of Finished Product
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Scene Reference:

Scene Three
Explain product description
Shooting Scene:
1、Size Display (highlighting the advantage of the product's large size, capable of slicing both small and large apples)
2、Functional Features (capable of slicing 16 thin apple slices in 5 seconds, suitable for children and the elderly. It's convenient for preparing children's lunch.)
3、Product Components (the apple slicer adopts a unique base design that slices the apple intact, preventing sliced apples from scattering on the table. It also protects hands from cuts.)
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Scene Four
Usage Summary + Purchase Guidance
Shooting Scene:
The expert can hold the product, emphasizing its features and practicality. Provide a simple summary of its usage and guide followers to purchase.Specific wording can be improvised freely by the expert.