Wholesale Inquiries

 There are Two Wholesaler Options:

 First Option:
 You go ahead with the retail sales, provide us with the retail order addresses, and we will handle the shipping on your behalf.
 Second Option:
 You can directly purchase bulk inventory, and we will dispatch the inventory to your location.

 KITOOL Wholesaler Policy:

Q: Can we sell KITOOL products on third party marketplaces?
A: We expressly do not allow the resale of our products on Amazon and Tiktok
Q: What is the minimum advertised price?
A: Reseller shall not market or sell any KITOOL product at below the minimum advertised price (“MAP”) set by KITOOL. In addition, Reseller may not offer any specialized pricing, such as “Two-for-One,” “Buy Two, Get One Free,” or any “Value Packs” that would have the effect of reducing the per unit MAP.
Q: Can I sell KITOOL products at discounted prices?
A: In the event that you wish to place the product or goods for sale at a discount price, the "final price" shall not below the minimum advertised price ("MAP").
Q: What is the Wholesale return policy?
A: All wholesale sales are final.

 Are you interested in becoming a KITOOL Wholesaler?

Please contact us by email(support@kitool.com) and provide us with the following informations:

  • Your Name,

  • Your shipping address(we need to calculate the shipping fees and taxes)

  • Which product will you to resell and the quantity you needs

  • Where will you sell the products and your retail price